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Savoring Mealtime

Residents find meals to be one of the highlights of their day. We believe they should enjoy their food and it should be nutritious and fresh. To that end, we assembled a recipe book of hundreds of delicious recipes each made from scratch in our central kitchen by our dedicated cook. We vary the menu according to what’s in season to provide variety and freshness.

Sugarbush Living Recipe Book

Not exhaustive, recipes subject to change.

recipe book

Dietary Restrictions

We take dietary restrictions and allergies seriously. Each resident’s sensitivities are prominently displayed on location and tracked by our menu planner. Each facility is stocked with substitutions and snacks to for specific resident needs and preferences.
The most common dietary restrictions we accommodate include:

  • Diabetes
  • Low sodium
  • Renal
  • Soft diets
  • Heart healthy
  • Low fat
  • Low residue
  • Religious

We work with residents and families accommodate others as needed.


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