The Sugarbush Life

We are focused on making every day a resident spends with us sweet. That means caring for them holistically – physically, mentally and emotionally.


Residents are here because they need help caring for themselves, and we aim to be the best at helping them. Rigorous staff training, stringent quality assurance processes and ensuring we have on demand access to the right professionals at the right time are all part of how we ensure quality care.


Mealtime should be something to be savored. Our dedicated cook prepares fresh meals from scratch each day in our commercial kitchen. Selecting from hundreds of recipes in the Sugarbush Living cookbook, the focus is on providing in season meals that account for our residents’ dietary restrictions.


Our dedicated activities coordinator has something in store for every resident so they remain engaged and active to the extent they can. With two rounds of daily activities that focus on physical activity and mental stimulation, residents enjoy time together and get their competitive juices flowing!


Families are an important part of the Sugarbush Living community. Residents and families are encouraged to stay in close contact, and we provide an ever growing list of means to do so in a safe and sanitary way.


Do you want to get a feel of the community ambiance and see the rooms? Get an up close tour and observe Sugarbush Living in action.

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