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Is there a waitlist to get in?

We understand that looking  for assisted living is not a want it is a need.  A need that most families need right away.  Most times at Sugarbush Living we are at full capacity, however vacancies do arise.  When they do, we often place residents from our waiting list.  It is not uncommon to have residents move from another facility to live in a Sugarbush Home or Manor.

What type of services do you offer and for how much?

At Sugarbush Living we are an all inclusive residence.  Assistance with all everyday activities, such as getting dressed, eating, and bathing are included in the monthly price.  We do charge extra for things such as medication monitoring or wheel chair use.  If a resident has need which exceed our normal care we'll let them know and if necessary additional charges may apply.  The difference is, you'll know well ahead of time.  There's no hidden fees.

Do you offer independent living?

By the time a resident comes to a Sugarbush Living residence independent living is no longer an option.   They will need assistance with some or all of regular daily activities such as eating, bathing, or getting dressed.  We develop a custom care plan for each resident to ensure proper care is taken, and as time progresses so can that plan.

Do you offer hospice care?

There may come a time in a residents stay at Sugarbush Living when hospice care may be necessary.  Sugarbush Living does not provide hospice care, but hospice care can be arranged by an outside company who can care for a resident.

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